Offering smart homes a new level of control with automated blinds.


Automate™ - a division of Rollease Acmeda combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional design to achieve smarter shades.

The Automate suite includes motors, controllers, sensors and smart home integration to create a variety of internal and external motorised shade solutions for a luxurious and effortless experience.

Make shades smarter with Automate. We have everything you need to automate internal shades, external shades and awnings.

Communicate with confidence with ARC – Automate Radio Communication.

ARC™ - Automate Radio Communication, is Rollease Acmeda’s proprietary technology utilising 433MHz radio communication with bi-directional feedback that brings Automate motorised shading systems together.

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Automate Wire-free li-ion motors

Automate Wire-Free Li-ion motors, with no electrical wiring required, provide proficient installation of internal motorised roller shades within residential homes and small commercial projects.

Automate DC roller motors

For DC powered, internal motorised shades in residential homes and small commercial projects, Automate DC Roller Motors are an excellent solution. The motors connect with low voltage cables, so a qualified electrician is not required for installation.

Automate E&M motors

For motorised roller shades to suit medium to large windows and large commercial projects, the Automate E range of AC powered motors and the Automate M range of mechanical limit motors are the ideal hard-wired choice.

Automate Curtain motors

The Automate C for motorised curtains features stand out “soft touch” technology. A gentle pull on the fabric will initiate movement to automatically open or close the curtain.

Automate External motors

The Automate FT15 motor has been tailored for Rollease Acmeda’s external motorised shade systems - Zipscreen and External Wire Guide. The Automate X50 provides the lifting capacity required to control the Zipscreen Extreme and Wire Guide Extreme.

Automate Roman motor

For motorised roman shades, the Automate CL 0.8 motor offers the choice of battery power or 12V wired connection.

Automate Awning motors

The Automate A range of motors have been designed to suit the Rollease Acmeda range of open and cassette, award-winning awnings.

Automate Controllers

A variety of control solutions are available to complement our motors including stylish hand held remotes, wall switches and the latest A.R.C (Automate Reactive Control) series of sensors to enhance your overall outdoor experience.

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